February 24, 2018

Talking Social Media at Collective Impact

I’m excited to be leading four sessions at Collective Impact, the conference of the Tennessee Arts Commission, coming up in Murfreesboro June 7-10th. Three of those sessions will be related to making the most of your social media presence as an artist, educator, arts organization, or other constituent in the arts community. While we’ll be talking about different things in each session, there’s also some overlap, so feel free to attend what you can. Here’s some more information to help you decide which session(s) might be best for you. All of these sessions will be in Patterson C.

2:00 PM Tuesday - Making the Most of Your Time on Social Media

Focus: Content calendar and tools to help you schedule and monitor social conversations.

Whether you’re an artist or involved in an arts organization or project, social media may feel like the last thing you have time for – and you may sometimes wonder if it’s worth your time at all. In this session we’ll explore the latest online tools and proven strategies, such as content calendars, to help you better integrate social media into the business side of your art.

3:00 PM Tuesday – Defining and Measuring Social Media Success

Focus: Social media goals and the metrics to measure those goals.

Most of us are on Facebook, and some of us are on Twitter, Instagram, and more, but are we using those platforms as effectively as possible to promote our art or arts organization – and, just as importantly, to interact with the greater arts community? Do you have specific goals with regards to social media? If you don’t, what might  some goals be? And in what ways and with what tools can you measure social media success? In this session we’ll share ideas for taking our social media efforts to a new level – and measuring those efforts.

4:00 PM Tuesday – Saying Thank You, and Other Best Practices on Social Media

Focus: This is a “birds of a feather” peer to peer session, so we’ll definitely do a lot of sharing in this hour. What’s working well for you on social media? What gives you the most trouble? I’ll be sharing a “best practices self assessment” to get the conversation started.

On social media, do you make a point to interact with your followers? Are you taking part in the greater conversation with other artists and arts organizations? When someone retweets or mentions you on Twitter, do you say thank you? Do you have a consistent profile description and image across all your social accounts? Do you have a content calendar for planning what you want to share on social media? These are just some of the things we’ll discuss as we share best practices across social platforms.

While we’re talking social media, don’t miss this Tennessee Arts Commission page, which has information about tags to use and will have a live social feed during the conference.

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