February 19, 2018

Celebrating "Mankind's Great Chance" on Risk a Day

One of my favorite quotes is from Martin Buber in The Way of Man, in which he says, “Mankind’s great chance lies precisely in the unlikeness of men, in the unlikeness of their qualities and inclinations.” A few weeks ago as I was leading a poetry class, I forgot Buber's words when I unexpectedly found myself feeling very unlike the small group of students who faced me. I wondered if I was sharing poems - both my own and others' - that they could connect with at all. Since I was the teacher, I … [Read more...]

I Confess All on Risk a Day

I've been doing such a good job of keeping this blog updated that I'm now writing for another one! (Yes, you are supposed to read a little sarcasm into that announcement.) Somehow, Laura Biering over at Risk a Day talked me into being a contributing writer. I did not have time for it, but I said yes anyway. Thank goodness she didn't have some ocean front property to sell me, too. My day is the 4th of each month. This being the 4th, I wanted to make a good impression, so I've actually … [Read more...]