February 24, 2018

The Lesson January Taught Me

The month of January is finally, blissfully gone, although, like an inconsiderate house guest, she has left messy reminders here in middle Tennessee. Snow still covers our yard; a little slush clings here and there on the more shaded roads; we are still not quite in normal routine (with schools finally going back 2 hours late today); and we are dreading the utility bill when it arrives in another week or so. … [Read more...]

If Our Lady Were in Charge: More Art, Less (and Better?) Politics

Our Lady has recently received a couple of pieces of mail that she wishes everyone would read and think about for the new year, right before they take some time to listen to someone else's point of view, learn something new from another culture, or make some art themselves. The first is from Arts Tennessee, a quarterly newsletter of the Tennessee Arts Commission. In his "From the Desk of the Executive Director" article, Rich Boyd shares part of a recent address to the Chattanooga Rotarians on … [Read more...]

Celebrating "Mankind's Great Chance" on Risk a Day

One of my favorite quotes is from Martin Buber in The Way of Man, in which he says, “Mankind’s great chance lies precisely in the unlikeness of men, in the unlikeness of their qualities and inclinations.” A few weeks ago as I was leading a poetry class, I forgot Buber's words when I unexpectedly found myself feeling very unlike the small group of students who faced me. I wondered if I was sharing poems - both my own and others' - that they could connect with at all. Since I was the teacher, I … [Read more...]

I Confess All on Risk a Day

I've been doing such a good job of keeping this blog updated that I'm now writing for another one! (Yes, you are supposed to read a little sarcasm into that announcement.) Somehow, Laura Biering over at Risk a Day talked me into being a contributing writer. I did not have time for it, but I said yes anyway. Thank goodness she didn't have some ocean front property to sell me, too. My day is the 4th of each month. This being the 4th, I wanted to make a good impression, so I've actually … [Read more...]

Daring to Be Different: Bluegrass in My Heart, and the Heart of Bell Buckle

This Sunday, September 27th, in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, the 3rd Annual Dare to Be Different Showcase is slated to feature 9, count 'em, 9 hours of bluegrass music from bands near and far, including  29 Strings from the Slovak Republic.  The event is hosted by Bell Buckle-based Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, who themselves tour internationally. Admission is only $10. As a nerd and a disciple of Ms. Cheap, I have to point out that's only $1.11 per hour,  quite the entertainment value. And, … [Read more...]