January 20, 2018

Finding connection at Poetry in the Boro

May was our 10th month for Poetry in the Boro, and I continue to be amazed and gratified at the enthusiasm of our featured poets, our regulars at the open mic, our regulars in the audience, MTSU Write, and our venues like The Green Dragon Public House. You may have noticed that our logo includes the words OPEN MIC and COMMUNITY. The community aspect is really taking shape now – and you don’t have to take only my word on that.Amy Roberts, who is interning for MTSU Write this summer, helped at our most recent event, captured some great photos of just about everyone who took a turn at the mic, and shared her thoughts on how our hometown event opened her eyes here on her blog. Here are just a couple of Amy’s photos:

Featured poet Allison Boyd Justus at the mic. Photo credit: Amy Roberts, amyrbrts.com


Open mic contributor Toriana Williams. Photo cred: Amy Roberts, amyrbrts.com

Head on over to Amy’s blog for much more, and to Poetry in the Boro on June 15th, where we’ll hear from featured poets Nick Bush and Michelle Hendrixson Miller at Let’s Make Wine.

Poetry in the Boro Open Mic

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