February 24, 2018

So Long to the Good Old Moon

Life magazine article So Long to the Good Old MoonI’m delighted to announce my poem “So Long to the Good Old Moon” has found a home at Ascent literary magazine. This poem takes its title from a headline in the July 4, 1969 issue of Life magazine – one of a trio I have, thanks to some creative gift-giving by my daughter, covering the Apollo 11 mission.

As you’ll see, the poem itself has little to do with the moon, but it has a lot to do with giving up our old ways of thinking about things – or at least, my experience with that.

Read “So Long to the Good Old Moon” in Ascent

Incidentally, one of these Life moon issues also includes James Dickey’s poem, “The Moon Ground” which was commissioned by ABC. You can see James Dickey reading it here.
Ascent has been in publication since 1975, switching to an online format in 2010.

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