February 19, 2018

Speaking of Marvels, and Other News

Here’ where I’ve spent much of my summer, with my basset hound who thinks he’s a lap dog, and a stack of good books!

Jane Austen once wrote in a letter, “What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.” As I write this, we’re having a heat and humidity spike in middle Tennessee that’s typical for August, and I feel quite inelegant indeed. For the most part, though, it’s been a remarkably lovely, oh-so-temperate summer here. Consequently I’ve been doing a lot more porch-sitting than blogging (and looking quite elegant in my beloved wicker porch swing, I’m sure. Uh-huh.)

So, that’s my excuse this time. But I’m back, and expect to be back again soon, and often, through the fall. Here’s what’s going on:

First, I’m honored and delighted to be featured in an interview on William Kelly Woolfitt’s Speaking of Marvels, a blog project dedicated to “chapbooks, novellas, and other shorter forms.” Will sent over a passel of great questions for me to choose from. I’m very grateful to have the chance to share some thoughts about

  • the genesis of my chapbook
  • how I organized my chapbook
  • my experience – and advice – with regards to publishing and promoting a chapbook
  • the relevance of the chapbook in an increasingly digital world
and more. Check it out here – and go on over to Will’s personal site to learn more about his own poetry and prose.

Second, I’ll be having more poetry book giveaways soon!

    Watch for opportunities to learn more about – and win a copy of –
  • Love and Other Hungers by Susan O’Dell Underwood, from the new Sapling Grove Press
  • Abiding Appalachia: Where Mountain and Atom Meet by Marilou Awiakta – originally published in 1978, republished by Pocahontas Press, and with forthcoming distribution by Iris Press
  • Something Solid To Anchor To by Rita Sims Quillen, from Finishing Line Press
Finally, I have a buzzy back-to-school giddiness about my writing and some upcoming events:
Even if you’re not involved in the academic world in any way, do you still get that buzzy feeling in August or September? What are you looking forward to in your personal writing life or in our collective writing community for fall? Your comments are welcome!

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